Lucy Gibson- Makeup Artist - Mascara Wars BlogWell Hi There.


Thanks for dropping by guys! I’d like to think this might just be the makeup blog you’ve been waiting for. I’m Lucy and Mascara Wars is my baby.

So, who the hell are you?

I’ve been in the makeup game for around eight years now, unless you count my elaborate teenage goth makeup in the 90s, but after getting “the calling” and spending some time at makeup college back home in Manchester, I learned the ropes as a MAC artist before hauling ass to London. After many years of assisting incredible artists such as Lucia Pieroni and Alex Box, and many more struggling as a young freelancer, I’m now blessed with a busy career working in editorial and a heck of a lot in the music business. I like to try and balance the two and I couldn’t love this job more if I tried, I’m a lucky bugger. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with clients such as Vivienne Westwood, Nike, Kelis, Haim, Miguel, Rita Ora, and photographers and magazines including Nick Knight, Rankin, Tatler, Vogue, Marie Claire, Dazed and Confused and more, both in the UK and all over the world. You can find some of my gubbins scattered around this here page, or head to the My Work section (I know, snappy title, thanks) for a nosey at my portfolio.

These “About Me” sections seem to dictate I should tell you, should you want to know, what I get up to when I’m not makeupping… Well. I enjoy; baking disgracefully elaborate cakes, being ridiculous with the loves of my life that are my two nephews, wandering the streets of London on a constant staycation, stroking the local cats, traveling to far flung cities on my own and seeing what happens, doing a tonne of squats in the gym and dreaming of owning a French toast street food truck or a Barbados rum shack.

60s - Editorial Makeup - Lucy GibsonMascara What??

Mascara Wars started after I noticed a serious shortage of practical info for young artists starting their careers, and a lack of websites aimed at people who already know their way around a makeup kit.  There are a tonne of fantastic blogs, but very few offering professional advice, or makeup artist focused techniques… So that’s where we come in!

And if you’re not a working artist, don’t let all this makeup artist talk make you think you can’t sit with us, not at all! Pro tips are useful for the girl on the street, and what works for the girl on the street can turn out to be great for the pro’s!  We’re all in this together. Mascara Wars is one stop shop for young creatives and makeup fans alike, to share insider tricks and experiences of the industry. This is the site that as a working makeup artist, I could never find!

And what’s in it for me you ask?

You’ll find here a mix of the things I love and the things I do; things that inspire me and then, if I think it might help you, I’ll natter about what I’ve been up to. I create all the tutorials and cheat sheets on this site. My style is all about fresh clean skin and bold details and the odd moment of artistic lunacy. I work to create cool, contemporary, wearable looks for bad ass girls (and guys!), as well as cheat sheets to take your pro-technique to the next level.

I’m not just a makeup artist, I’m a fan.  I know what it is to love the art of makeup, to live and breathe it. I’m always trawling the net, and the street for that matter, for cool high end images and ideas to file away and get the creative juices flowing, hence all the hardcore makeup porn in our inspiration sections. I’m always looking for new techniques and tricks and products. If you’re looking for ammo for that moodboard, looking to find your new favourite makeup artist, or still discovering your own makeup style, Mascara Wars is your new best friend!

Kelis - Makeup - Lucy GibsonI’m lucky enough to have access to some incredible artists and industry insiders and they’ll also be guesting here, sharing their thoughts and career advice with you. We’ll rummage through celebrity makeup bags, and makeup artists’ kits, talk about photographers and models and magazines and beauty muses. We’ll laugh and gossip and moan and support each other through the trials and tribulations of this ruddy makeup life. I’ll be here with new content for you twice weekly, Mondays and Thursdays, work allowing (you know how unpredictable the freelance life can be, but I do my best!), although you can find me waffling on on social media on a daily basis, feel free to follow us on the top right there! If you want your twice weekly dose of expert info with a little edge and not taking itself too seriously, then stick with me my lovelies.

Hang on!! What about product reviews?!

Calm down, calm down, I’m getting there. Product review wise, well, products are the tools of my trade, and I demand a helluva lot from them. I’m interested in how it goes on, and how it holds up, and whether it does what it says on the tin. I’m not blinded by shiny packaging or high prices or false promises. You also won’t find me banging on about products I Gold Bodypaint - Editorial Makeup - Lucy Gibsondon’t like, one man’s trash is another’s treasure after all… But if its good and it works then you’ll find it here, no matter the cost, from Barry M to Crème De La Mer. I won’t be writing about every new collection as it comes out, I’m more about trusted finds and cult products, but I will be doing a round up every few months of the best new makeup artist quality gear that’s been released, as well as ongoing product picks, from the best hot pink lipsticks to brow bleaching essentials.  Mascara Wars gives a trusted, unbiased guide to the highest quality available. I wouldn’t say we’re exactly the Rolls Royce of makeup blogs, but maybe more the pink Cadillac of makeup blogs. One of those frickin awesome ones that shoots flames from the exhaust.

Anything else?

I hope Mascara Wars will entertain, inform and inspire you, the longtime artists, the newbies, the students, the passionate makeup fans and freelancers trying to make it, the makeup counter staff, the fashion pack, the club kids, the Instagram addicts, the ones who buy up every new collection, those who tear out beauty editorials and stick them on their bedroom walls, the girl whose beauty icons are the chicks in bands, or who feel when they meet Charlotte Tilbury the way those other girls feel when they meet Kim Kardashian, and the makeup artists who never stop learning; Mascara Wars is for all of you.

We’re so glad you found us.  Now let’s get started!


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