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This is my guilty pleasure post. I hold my hands up. But if you can’t have a little fun on your own blog, where can you?! I love me some painfully cool, editorial makeup, but I also love me some uber-POP makeup. It was the pop stars I grew up with that made me want to become a makeup artist in the first place, and a lot of the time, that’s where the FUN with a capital F makeup is. I’m a semi-in-the-closet gigantic Pink fan, and I’ve found her makeup utterly inspiring over the years. Both in just straight up wanting to BE her for the best part of my twenties (and now, who am I kidding), and in my own work, particularly within the music industry.

Pink has been giving zero fucks since the early 90s, and her ongoing relationship with legend in the field of pop-icon makeup Billy B (face painter to Lady Gaga, Mariah and Beyonce over the years no less) has turned out some of the most iconic video makeup looks of the last two decades if you ask me. I mean look at “Lady Marmalade”. Christina was seriously trying to steal the show with that whole Dee Snyder get-up, but Pink had the hottest looks hands down. Smokey metallic purple eyes, glossy pink lips, milky white skin, cartoonish vamp cat eyes, done.

I remember being obsessed with the sultry bad-ass eye shape they’d created as she lay on a bed of Roses in “You Make Me Sick” way back in 2000 (fifteen years ago?! Jeeez.) Then there were the myriad of awesome fantasy looks in her “U and UR Hand” video, a makeup artist’s DREAM! The beautiful sad smokey eyes in “Who Knew”, or more recently the Holi-esque powder paint battle in her stunning video for “Try”… the list goes on.

Pink’s looks aren’t makeup that’s trying to be cool, or trying to be anything for that matter, and like her, they don’t follow trends. Her makeup is often sultry, but it’s also a bit kid in a candy shop, and I adore that about her. She’s not afraid to play with colour, and loves a smokey eye, but at the same time will switch it up to go full on glam or beautifully fresh, pretty and natural. And even more noticeably, unlike so many pop stars, she NEVER goes heavy with the blinker-like false eyelashes or caked on foundation. I always notice her flawless, sun-kissed and glowing beauty-marked skin with barely a wisp of base on there. Pink always wears the makeup, it never wears her.

Not only do I hear from everyone who works with her that she’s an absolute DREAM to be around, but she’s a Cover Girl for crying out loud! I mean, that’s makeup royalty! See below for a clip of her having that lovely visage done for Cover Girl by Pat McGrath. When I first saw the combination of these two in this video together I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, I damn near peed my pants.

Check out our gallery of Miss Alecia Moore’s most glorious makeup moments over the years for your inspiration below. And Pink, Mascara Wars salutes you!

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  1. Jez July 23, 2015 / 11:20 am

    Pink is my colour….

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