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Millie Kendal, BeautyMart co-founder

There are two types of makeup geek in the world. One is the product junkie, who dreams of owning every new palette and limited edition lipstick, and thinks nothing of spending half their monthly pay check on makeup hauls. The other is the makeup aficionado who craves quality, not quantity. Just one, the best one, of everything is ideal. The ultimate mascara. The perfect lip balm. Not necessarily the newest most exclusive one in the cutest packaging (although I do love cute packaging, don’t get me wrong).

I am firmly in that last camp, and it seems most makeup artists are the same. Our recommendations don’t come from ad campaigns or magazines, but from other artists out there working in the industry. Our kit essentials range from high-end luxury products to cult drug store favourites. We need to know it’s going to perform, under all conditions! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a team of experts who could trawl the beauty halls and drug stores of the world for the greatest there is, personally recommended by the best in the biz, and present you with their findings? Well there is! And it’s called BeautyMart. With a string of London locations and an online store, they are your kit Fairy Godmothers.

BeautyMart’s co-founder Millie Kendal MBE (of Ruby & Millie fame, launcher of cult brands from Shu Uemura to Tweezerman and all round beauty PR legend), who created the concept store with Anna-Marie Solowij (former beauty director of British Vogue… strong team huh?), took the time to talk us through just what she loves about our favourite of their makeup kit essentials, and why they made the BeautyMart cut. Read on for our pick of the best of the best!

beautymart-makeup-fairydrops-japanese- mascara1. Fairydrops Glossy Black Waterproof Mascara – £18.50 . . .

Millie says – “We found this product via a contact of mine from the old Ruby & Millie days, we were the first to market with it, and it is probably one of the best-selling independent mascara brands on the market today.”
As featured in our pick of the most genius Japanese makeup products, Fairydrops is Mascara Wars’ current absolute favourite mascara. Japanese mascaras are known for their lengthening and curling properties, as well as their serious staying power. Fairydrops’ unique formula and brush design delivers on all three… And that cute packaging we mentioned? Well voila!

beautymart-makeup-kit-daniel-sandler-pink-watercolour-liquid-blusher2. Daniel Sandler Watercolor Fluid Blusher – £16 . . .

Millie says – “Industry icon Daniel Sandler created this amazing product with Kryolan and has dominated the market in this area ever since. Easy to use and a staple in every makeup artist’s kit.”

Having worked as a makeup artist in the UK for over 20 years, Daniel really knows what makes a great pro product. His highly pigmented, liquid blush comes in a range of 17 incredible shades from brights to nudes, and most importantly for a liquid product, it blends perfectly on top of foundation. Multi-award winning and deservedly so.

beautymart-makeup-homeoplasmine-lip-balm-french-pharmacy3. Homeoplasmine – £14 . . . 

Millie says – “Makeup artist Georgina Graham recommended this. Primarily as a matte lip balm but as you know it is a fantastic multi purpose balm.”

It is indeed. I first noticed this French Pharmacy favourite in Lucia Pieroni‘s set-up and now see it in the majority of pro kits. Essential not only for dry lips when gloss is out of the question (particularly for male grooming), but also for soothing any skin irritations. Pat McGrath herself is a fan, saying “Homeoplasmine is perfect on chapped skin. We put it on models’ lips as a balm. I’ve used it for about 15 years.”

beautymart-makeup-kit-rimmel-apocalips-red-lip-lacquer-liquid-lipstick4. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer – £5.99 . . .

Millie says – “Rimmel is iconic and they launch such fantastic products. Their lip products are killer whether you want matte, shine or long-lasting and the price is unbeatable.”

Absolute proof, if it were still needed, that low price doesn’t have to mean low quality when it comes to cosmetics. Rimmel’s Apocalips lip lacquers are a range of 13 fully opaque and seriously durable liquid lipsticks. Loved by both makeup junkies and makeup artists alike, these feel and look like a real luxury product and would be a solid addition to any kit.

beautymart-makeup-kit-scott-barnes-body-bling-shimmering-body-lotion5. Scott Barnes’ Body Bling – £27 . . .

Millie says – “This gorgeous shimmered moisturiser adds such a fantastic glow to the skin and is the best on-body make up. Created by legendary makeup artist Scott Barnes it is the best-selling indie body make up around.”

Now in two shades, the deep bronze original and platinum for slightly fairer complexions, this bronzing body makeup packs serious punch and looks incredible on camera, on red carpets and in the flesh. Beloved by Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez for that trademark heavenly golden J-Lo glow.

beautymart-mnakeup-kit-prtty-peaushun-body-lotion-illuminating-body-lotion6. Prtty Peaushun – £18.50 . . .

Millie says – “Makeup artist Bethany Karlyn (LA artist to the likes of Drew Barrymore, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz) developed this for her red carpet clients and it gives legs an overall make over, it has benefits as well as being make up so will hide veins, smooth cellulite and give the skin a tighter firmer look.”

If Body Bling is the hyper-real bronzed version, then this is the “has-she-been-photoshopped?” natural yet flawless version of your skin in a bottle. In five shades whose effects have to be seen to be believed. A Godsend!

Thanks Millie!

*Disclaimer – Mascara Wars cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your bank balance as a result of this post.

Lucy xx

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  1. makeupwithaheart August 8, 2015 / 10:42 am

    I’m in the first camp but I’m trying to be in the second from now on. I see a couple of my favorites here but I think I need to add that balm to my wishlist.

  2. Lucy G August 9, 2015 / 10:23 am

    Homeoplasmine? It’s a definite essential! Although people often pick it up and wonder what the hell it is 😉 x

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