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Bjork | Beauty Muse | www.MascaraWars.comOver the years as a makeup artist people will often ask, “If you could have one dream client, who would it be?” and I instantly bark back at them “BJORK!!!”.  There are a handful of others, all noticeably alternative in their approach to beauty, and therefore a dream creatively, but to me Bjork is the absolute Queen of them all.  An artist who fully embraces the power and versatility of makeup and imagery. One of those who if she even has references and doesn’t just dream these things up on a fluffy magic cloud somewhere (because that’s where she lives), you often can’t for the life of you see what they are, truly unique in the rarest of ways.

With that childlike, delicate, Icelandic pixie face, and those piercing eyes and  freckled skin, Bjork is undoubtedly beautiful, full stop. But what makes her even more so is that she is in no way confined by the norms of what beauty is for a woman, or how makeup fits into that. She simply doesn’t give a f*ck about beauty standards in the sweetest, most liberated way.

From her iconic nineties buns and cute bindi details, to her fully Swarovski’d face in the Oceania video, to her cartoonish tribal facepaint during her Volta period, her makeup choices are visionary and exhilarating. And don’t get me started on those lungs! Even those who don’t get her unconventional appeal, can only take it so far until they hit the brick wall of her talent. A true artist and a makeup artist’s dream, this is my funny little ode to Miss Bjork Guðmundsdóttir herself.  Gush as I do over this gallery of some of her most genius makeup moments for a bit of Bjorkspiration.  And yes, I did just say that word.  I’ll let myself out.

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Featured Image by Inez and Vinoodh for Another Magazine

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