Coloured Mascara | Tutorial|
There are some amazing coloured mascaras out there, but they’re certainly few and far between, and the majority offer little colour pay off or come in the same old shades… Or even worse are limited edition never to be seen again!  After struggling to find the royal blue shade of coloured mascara I wanted for a shoot a few years back, I decided to mix my own, and have sworn by it ever since..!

Palette and Spatula – From 85p! . . . No need for fancy metal palettes or glass petri dishes in your kit in my opinion, I get my palettes and palette knives from local art shops, and the deep wells are perfect for mixing in.

MAC Mixing Medium Lash – £12.50 . . . MAC do a variety of mixing mediums that can really help to shrink down your kit and make your loose shadows and pigments do double duty. Their colourless lash mix works to create a volumising, dramatic and long-lasting mascara.

Inglot Matte Body Pigment – £13 . . . Nineteen intense colours of pure matte pigment. Nuff said.

Reeves Tempera Powder – From £2 . . . I’ve raved about these in our Painted Faces article and I’ll rave about them here too.  Talk about value for money, these huge 500g tubs of pure pigment are super versatile. I have a hoard of every shade that I keep under my bed. Great for making coloured mascara, for painting into hair, for just flinging around dry with gay abandon, the possibilities are endless.

Ardell Fashion Lashes 110 – £3.99 . . . If you’re looking to stock your kit with bargain lashes, look no further than Ardell. They do a great range of natural lashes that defy their mini price tag.  I’ve used these babies on celebrities, in editorials and on the red carpet, and proud of it!

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Lucy xx
Featured Image, Makeup by Pat McGrath for Stella McCartney AW12

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