Behind The Makeup; Ellie Goulding With Makeup Artist Lucy Wearing

Ellie Goulding Makeup | www.MascaraWars.comEllie Goulding is one of the biggest homegrown artists out there at the moment, enjoying success worldwide with her unique voice, self-penned songs and naturally pretty, laidback style. Her London based makeup artist Lucy Wearing first worked with Ellie on her video for “Under The Sheets” in 2009 and has been by her side ever since, a rarity in such a fast-paced business!

Lucy had her own makeup beginnings at London College of Fashion in the nineties, after diversifying from her Fine Art degree in Liverpool and moving down South.  In 2003 she became an Associate Lecturer, going on to teach all over the world, and is now director of their Definitive Guide to Makeup Artistry, training up many of the industry’s top make up artists.

Her busy freelance career has taken her to ID magazine and work with MIA, Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea and more, and we cornered her to chat about painting Miss Goulding’s pretty face.


Hey Lucy! so, how would you describe Ellie’s look, has it changed a lot during your time together?

Ellie’s look has changed massively, it has always reflected where Ellie’s at in her life and what she was comfortable with. Primarily Ellie is a musician, so it’s not a case of, “this is what you should wear, this is what you should look like”.

In the beginning Ellie would rather wear high tops than heels, but she’s become much more body confident, she’s got a phenomenal figure, she’s grown into herself. The look is definitely more sexy, makeup-wise I like to accentuate Ellie’s big brown eyes, her make up has got stronger over the years, it’s a strong advertorial beauty make up I guess, sculpted beautiful skin, lots of lashes.


Do you ever change the products you use, for red carpet, or stage for example?

I probably use less powder on a shoot and more creams, then use more long-wear product, thicker lashes and a strong mattifying primer on Ellie for red carpet and stage. She has the most unbelievably healthy skin, it glows so much that I have to tone it down! Plus Ellie is very energetic on stage, so whatever will stay on the longest.


Ellie Goulding Makeup | www.MascaraWars.comWhat are the makeup references you use when working together, are there any beauty icons or particular looks or editorials that have inspired you?

We talk about what we like, we show each other images, but just in life not in a meeting type of way. We have spent a lot of time together over the years, so I know what she’s into whether art, fashion, film, music… And I think that it works on a subconscious level. Quite honestly, I tend to just crack on and do the make up, it’s become instinctive.

When we discuss and plan it it never seems to work as well, apart from the bindis which really came from Ellie for her shows.  Some of them were quite elaborate, as elaborate as I could get away with, they shone beautifully in the lights in arenas. That caused a little controversy on Twitter, people taking offence, people with nothing better to do who are probably too young to remember Bjork (one of Ellie’s heroes), Gwen Stefani, Madonna or basically the whole of the nineties! Obviously on a shoot I work more with the magazine, stylist and photographer, working from mood boards and references.

It’s hard to pinpoint what has inspired me, everything does. I read so many books/magazines and go to so many exhibitions. Off the top of my head the Mert and Marcus shoot with Lara Stone for Interview magazine, with the snake around her neck, I find myself thinking about that and their ‘What Lies Beneath’ editorial for Love magazine. But life is inspiring, I always have my eyes open for something. I find faces inspiring and I guess with Ellie its her, her music, her interests, her face.


What has been your highlight of working with Ellie so far? And is there a favourite look you’ve created together?

So, so many, but I guess my highlight would be the World tour. Tour is such a strange experience, like a weird social experiment living for 9 weeks on a tour bus travelling through America. We were away for almost ten months. Ellie’s Red Rocks show in Colorado was incredible. And obviously the moment that Ellie’s name was read out at the Brits as Best Female Artist, that was quite a moment backstage!

My favourite look on Ellie was the “Outside” video with Calvin Harris, directed by Emil Nava, and the Stylist cover shoot with all the glitter and stars. It was really fun to be able to do something completely different with Ellie and paint her silver (above right).




Ellie Goulding Makeup Artist | Lucy Wearing | www.MascaraWars.comLucy’s Ellie Goulding Kit Essentials


1. Kiss False Lashes – From £8.99 . . . Great for touring and quick lash application. You get 3 flare lashes attached to one spine. They’re fuller than Eylure or similar single brand flare lashes, they’re great for stage but you can only buy them in CVS (The US pharmacy chain, although Boots have now started stocking a limited range in the UK, hallelujah)!! More for stage than editorial or red carpet.

2. Clinique Superprimer in Colour Corrects Dullness – £20 . . . I’ve tried many other brands but this one works the best for Ellie’s skin on stage, and is really helpful in places like Brazil with high temperatures.

Ellie Goulding Makeup |

3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder – £23 . . . This works really well with Ellie’s skin, giving it a beautiful sheen and finish.  Also good for a quick powder mid-performance side of stage.

4. Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Brow Pencil in Warm Blonde – £21 . . .  Waterproof, so fine you can draw single hairs, and it’s not too ashy.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow – £49 . . . To sculpt and highlight, I love it, its beautifully reflective.

Ellie Goulding Makeup |


So what’s coming up next for the two of you?

Ellie’s finishing her third album and I’m using my down time to shoot editorial and teach at LCF. Festival season is coming so we’re off on the road again. And there’s something exciting coming up in Dec but I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise…!



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Featured Image by Louie Banks for Fault Magazine

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