Painted Faces; Inspiration and Product Picks

I have a bag in my kit that’s labelled “Crazy Sh*t”. Seriously. And when that big old bag comes out on a job I know I’m going to be in my element.  As much as I love a beautiful, elegant look, or understated cool, you just cannot beat the buzz of busting out the face paint, channeling your inner Val Garland and colouring outside the lines of “traditional” beauty looks.

Get stuck in to our album of glorious painted faces, and product picks for your own wildest makeup moments!


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Face Paint Product Picks;


1. MAC Pro Chromacakes – £21.50 . . . I believe you need a Pro membership to access these babies online but Pro Stores do stock them should you or someone you know be nearby! I have these in all shades and their water activated consistency and pigment level is just faultless.  Super bold shades that really last on the skin.

2. Makeup Forever 12 Flash Colour Case – £74.50 . . . Pricey, perhaps, but Flash palette converts SWEAR by these bad boys, and you do get a lot of bang for your buck. Their creamy greasepaint consistency makes them highly blendable, and great as bases for less bonkers looks too, and these things last for YEARS.

3. Smiffy’s Let’s Party Hair Colour Spray – From £1.99 . . . Yes it’s a hairspray, but I hold my hands up, I use this on the face regularly, and touch wood, no issues to date.  I’m in good company as I’ve seen Miss Alex Box do the same, and the airbrush effect is beyond gorgeous. You can usually get this brand in fancy dress shops, or Londoner’s beloved Paks, but beware other coloured hairsprays, some are too wet, or don’t have the pigment this one does.  I’ve tried them all, trust me.

4. Reeves Tempera Powder Paint – From £2 . . . This is basically kids’ powder paint, so perfectly safe to be flung in the face of a willing model (eyes closed though please). Perfect for those Holi Festival-esque bursts of colour, this mega high pigmented soft powder comes in a great variety of shades, and can be used alone, or mixed into a variety of mediums. You can even use it to create your own coloured mascara.

Face Paint Product Picks |

5. Kryolan Aquacolor Palettes – From £19.50 . . . These are water activated, although try Kryolan’s Supracolor range if it’s greasepaint you’re after. Either way the best thing about these classic face paint palettes is that they are interchangeable, with a range of 24 shades that you can pick and choose from to pop in and out as you wish, from neon to metallic and everything in between.

6. Artists’ Paint Brushes . . . I can’t possibly pick one brush to rave about here, but if, as a makeup artist, you haven’t ever gasped in ecstasy at the range of brushes in your local art shop then you haven’t lived.  I reckon at least a third of my brushes are artist brushes, and the range of shapes and textures amongst them are like nothing seen in makeup stores.  The brushes themselves can even inspire the work sometimes!  They don’t call us makeup artists for nothing after all right?

7. Ben Nye Clown White – From £4 . . . I don’t know about you but there were a couple of times early in my career when I was called upon to create an all white base, and realised that with the wrong products that is easier said than done. Patchy, uneven and wishy-washy do not begin to describe what happens with poorly pigmented white products…  And then I found the solution; Classic clown’s face paint.

8. OCC Lip Tars – £11.95 . . . I know everyone loves a lip tar these days, and rightfully so, but in a post about highly pigmented products to paint with how could I leave it out?! The colour pay-off and range is verging on obscene, and never mind keeping it to lips, try it on eyes, fingers, collarbones… Heck I once even painted this on a model’s nipples.  A modern classic.Face Paint Product Picks |


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Featured Image by Alex Sainsbury for Dansk Magazine

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