All hail Cara D and the myriad other modern day beauties like Emma Watson and Lily Collins who’ve brought back big, healthy, full eyebrows. Makeup artists of the world salute you. I mean, I loved being a teen in the nineties, but it was a decade of absurdly shaped, painfully thin brows, and my violently overplucked pair have never quite grown back and have never forgiven me. So I use this a version of this technique on myself on the daily!

But this doesn’t just work for massacred eyebrows like mine, it’s great for giving a contemporary look to any makeup, and taking down the arch in any set of brows. Labelled “boy” brows for their androgynous shape, these babies are effortless, strong, and way more chic than “brows on fleek”. (Can I trademark that one?)

No 7 Lash and Brow Perfector – £8.50 . . . Don’t go mad with this stuff,  a build up of product is not the aim so just a wisp will do, and feel free to comb through with a clean mascara wand. Many, myself included, have been known to just spritz a little hairspray on a mascara wand to do the same job in a pinch.

Bobbi Brown Brow Kit – £35 . . . I love these little Bobbi brow kits and the shades are fantastic, but don’t feel the need to splash out, just try to use a shadow in a tone slightly lighter than the brows, and nothing too synthetic shade-wise. Look for dusky, soft browns/taupes and grey/blondes, or soft terracotta shades for redheads.

By Terry Eyebrow Mascara – £26 . . . Optional, but great for adding extra texture and body to full eyebrows. Again, wipe any excess from the brush before applying, you’re not mascara-ing your lashes here, and spider-brows aren’t a thing for a reason!

Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Brow Pencil – £21 . . . Again, your brow pencil doesn’t need to be pricey but for a realistic look it does need to be super firm. Kevyn Aucoin’s are the best I’ve found for drawing in those whisper-thin hairs.

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