Symmetry used to stress me right out. And I’m not alone in that, I’ve seen other makeup artists close to a panic attack struggling to match up opposing sides of a bold graphic eyeliner design. But over the years I picked up various little tips and tricks and now I get some sick buzz out of creating inhuman levels of symmetry in a look. Give it a go yourself! Who knew a camera phone was such an important makeup tool?!

MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating – £14 . . . Lightly sketching out your ideal shape first is really going to help you out here. Do you think Michelangelo just went straight in with the paints when he started on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Did he heck. No shame in a little foreplanning. Just keep your marks feather-light, or you risk tainting your main shade when it’s time to add your chosen colour.

MAC Pro Chromacake in Marine Ultra – £21.50 . . . I do love me some MAC Chromacake but for this kind of look any cream product, that sets, will be ideal. Water based face paints or gel eyeliners, basically any highly pigmented product that glides on and DOES NOT BUDGE is what you need.

MAC’s 263 Small Angle Brush – £16.50 . . . I seem to be on a bit of a MAC fest here, but again, any angled brush will do. Just make sure it’s edges are razor sharp, that’s what’s going to help you to really get into those fine points and straight edges and all the nooks and crannies. And should you make a little bit of a mess, as we all often do, no problem, just crack out your;

Guru Makeup Emporium Mini Pointed Tip Cotton Buds – £1.95 . . . I’ve mentioned before my love of Japanese cotton buds, and luckily for me Guru and many of the other specialist makeup stores scattered around London sell these exact replicas. You can get them online too so don’t fret if you’re not nearby. Just soak with a little of your favourite cleansing water, I used good old Bioderma, and clean up as you wish. As they say it’s not always about what you add, sometimes it’s what you take away! Et voila. Perfect symmetry.

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Featured Image; Makeup by Terry Barber for Jean-Pierre Braganza SS15

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