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From supermodels like Lara Stone and beauty icons of the past like Donna Jordan, to modern day stars like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, it seems that the bleached blonde eyebrow is the instant ticket to taking a look editorial. Choosing to bleach brows as part of a makeup look reveals the bone structure in a totally different way, and can totally alter the way you see the face. If you’ve never bleached your own, give it a try at least once, it’s been the making of many a modern beauty!

Jerome Russel Cream Peroxide/Powder Bleach – £5.99 . . . Some people balk at the idea of using full on hair bleach on the face, but while Jolen Creme Bleach (£10.49) works a dream on fine facial hair or lighter brows, if you need to bleach brows that are brown or darker, it struggles to lift them to that dreamy white blonde shade. I’ve used Jerome Russel for years to bleach brows with no problem whatsoever… And you don’t need me to say this but just be careful, patch test the skin in advance if  your client has never used bleach before, and if possible have them lie back for the process.

Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara in Ivory – £7.75 . . . When I found this stuff I thought all my prayers had been answered. You only need the finest wisp of this product, and I certainly wouldn’t advise sticking it in your actual barnet, but it’s quicker than cracking out the toner to lift any yellow tinge to the brows.

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in White – £17.50 . . . The final touch to those heavenly white blonde brows is a fine layer of your favourite matte white shadow.  I use Bobbi Brown as it’s high in pigment, pure white and 100% matte, but don’t feel you need to splash out, any shadow with the same properties will do.

Just For Men Moustache and Beard Dye – £6.39 . . . It is impossible to make this stuff look sexy in your kit, and it always gets a laugh, but when it comes to getting those brows back in mere seconds it is total genius! In a range of seven shades from blonde to black I keep a few shades in the kit at all times but tend to get most use from Light Brown and Medium Dark Brown. Oh and one more thing; before you bleach brows ALWAYS take a picture of the eyebrows in question before the bleach goes on, you’ll thank me when it’s time to dye them back!

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