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 Isamaya Ffrench | Makeup Artist Profile | www.MascaraWars.comI first heard of Issamaya Ffrench a few years ago, when a friend of mine, who’d been working on a makeup counter at the time, told me this lovely young girl had come in, asking about some products and told him she was a makeup artist.  He said that she couldn’t have been more than twenty and that he Googled her work and was blown away.  I took a look myself and had one of those moments that is so rare, and reminded me of the first time I saw Alex Box’s work, where you know that you’re seeing someone who is incredibly true to themselves, totally unique in their vision and the way they view the face, and is about to change the whole idea of what we know editorial makeup to be.

Beginning her career as a facepainter at kids’ parties, and moving strangely yet seamlessly into ID editorials, an Isamaya Ffrench look flies in the face of typical beauty makeup, and even typical creative makeup.  Her style is sometimes incredibly detailed and meticulous, and other times wild and unpolished, but it always works, and always stops short of being too much. I then read an interview where she talked at great length about her love of mycology (the fancy name for the study of… mushrooms), and being a fellow closet hippy I was totally sold.

She has had a meteoric rise at the age of 25 to become beauty editor of ID, flying around the world for clients including Chloé and Nike alongside editorials for POP, Vogue Italia, V Magazine, newly represented by Streeters, and you cannot begrudge her a scrap of it.  She’s just great.  A breath of fresh air. Plus yes that is her on the left and yes she is that beautiful and yes I’m a total Isamaya Ffrench fan girl. No shame!

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Featured Image by Nicolas Coulomb for Novembre Magazine

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