14 Genius Japanese Makeup Products!


If you’ve ended up here looking for more Eastern yumminess after reading Part One, welcome.  And if not feel free to head over there, to find out about the next level Skincare on offer in Japan. But right now it’s time to talk about..



15. Canmake . . . I picked up a lovely peachy coral lipstick from these guys in Tokyo when I’d left the hotel without mine, and loved it so much I’ve since replaced it online. More affordable than most Japanese makeup brands, CanMake offers a wide range of cosmetics for those looking for high quality and highly pigmented affordable makeup. A little like a Japanese Rimmel meets Barry M via Benefit concoction, CanMake is dubbed as THE drugstore brand in Japan.

16. Tatcha Aburatorigami – £11.50 . . . Blotting paper is hardly innovative, but is classically Japanese and sold in almost any pharmacy, beauty store or convenience store. Geisha-inspired skin-care line Tatcha, sell beautiful aburatorigami, that are powder free and lift excess oil without removing a trace of makeup. If you like your products pretty as well as functional these may be the ones for you.

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17. Astalift Light Analysing Moisture Foundation – £29 . . . Developed, believe it or not, by Japanese photography brand Fujifilm (seriously), and loved by Lisa Eldridge, this is a super high-tech, luminescent foundation that delivers the perfect amount of moisture for a matte/dewy hybrid, this is a real makeup artist quality foundation.

18. Cle De Peu Radiant Fluid Foundation – £94.50 . . . Cle de Peau is a deceptively French sounding name for a Japanese makeup range from the Shiseido family – Another incredible artist quality foundation. No your eyes do not deceive you, that price is per bottle, however it is EVERYTHING. Designed and used by the makeup legend Lucia Pieroni, this is high in pigment but lightweight, giving perfect radiant coverage with minimum product, the appearance of real, healthy skin… Long lasting, doesn’t oxidise on the skin, melts in like a dream, the list goes on. Just bloody yummy in every way.

19. RMK Creamy Foundation – £36 . . . Another cult product, known for being hydrating yet not greasy, and truly long wearing without that delightful caked on appearance. Selfridges now stock the RMK range and often sell out of this baby. Their website describes it as “creating a natural dewy finish with exquisite balance between coverage and translucency” and I’m not even going to paraphrase them, because that’s pretty much spot on.

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Fibre Lash mascara formulas are nothing new, I remember working at MAC back in the day almost a decade ago and their Fibre Rich Lash mascara was well loved by those in the know back then. However they are really now having their moment in the Sun. Asian lashes are often straight, and fairly fine, so the discerning Japanese makeup aficionado demands a mascara that gives serious length, volume, curl, and that lasts ALL DAY. And that’s what they’ve got, and now we can get it too.

20. D.J.V. Beautenizer Fibrewig LX – £18 . . . On a shoot the other day I was drawn in by the stylist’s amazing voluminous lashes at a hundred paces, and this was the clever high-tech mascara she was wearing. It is flipping phenomenal. Loved by the wise souls at CultBeauty, jam-packed with brush-on, false-lash filaments, if you like fullness to your blacker-than-black lashes then this is the one for you. And it did not budge for an entire music video shoot. This stuff is the real deal.

21. Fairydrops Platinum Mascara – £18.50 . . . Handpicked by the awesome and discerning peeps at BeautyMart this is another cult favourite. Waterproof, delivering epic volume and curl without a clump in site, this super curling mascara has the added bonus of what is probably the cutest packaging design of all time. This sells out over and over again. The real deal part two.

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To this day I’ve yet to find a solid UK distributor for any of these lash lines, please let me know if I’m wrong! But in the meantime, I’ll be honest, get yourself to Ebay, where you’ll find them in abundance! Yay Ebay.

22. Dollywink – From £5 . . . This is pretty much THE Japanese false lash line. Perfect to achieve that Japanese ‘Gyaru’ style, but even if you aren’t donning giant coloured contacts for the full doe-eyed look, these lashes are great fun and a great addition to the kit. Also always sold in packs of two, which is deffo a winner for makeup artists/lash lovers.

23. Eyemazing – From £9 . . . Never mind packs of two, Eyemazing sell their dramatic lashes in packs of three, four and more. Bottom lashes, blonde lashes, pastel lashes, you name it, they have it. Plus, not that it should matter, but the packaging is just straight up cool. Total lash porn.

24. D.U.P. – From £8 . . . These are here representing as the more natural lashes of the bunch. DUP lash sets are little girlier and softer, they even have a range called “Furry”, which while it makes me LOL is actually great. You know, the soft, fluffy, fine, natural, wispy falsies it’s often hard to find… You’ll still get more than one pair, or a set of top and bottom lashes, and you’ll see lash designs we simply don’t see on our shores. Levels of flutteriness we have never seen?! Eek!

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25. Hakuhodo Brushes . . . Award winning, handmade Japanese makeup brushes. These are absolute brush HEAVEN. Some come with a neon orange handle that still manages to look utterly chic, they are beautifully shaped, gorgeous to use, clearly lovingly made and just an absolute pleasure in every sense. They’re also not cheap but they do exhibit with a yummy discount at the IMATS, so if you head down be sure to make a beeline for their stall.

26. Suqqu Brushes . . . Suqqu have an exquisite high end range of cosmetics and skincare that are worth a post all to themselves, but whenever I’m in the presence of Suqqu I always find myself purring over the brushes. There’s something about Japanese makeup brushes that just seems more luxurious, and artistic, and bespoke and Suqqu is no different. Available in Selfridges and just gorgeous.

27. Muji Fine Stemmed Cotton Buds – £2.50 . . . Us makeup artists go completely berserk for packs of these. When we see a distant Muji we bolt inside and stock up on the things like obsessive hoarders. But that’s because they are an absolute Godsend, for fixing fine lines, and lip lines and all sorts, and our friends from Muji Japan get this. You complete us Muji. However, over in Japan itself they have a variety of curiously shaped slim cotton buds in regular stores, and being the design masters they are, Japan’s Q-tips even come in different shades, like black, for us old school Goths. Even legendary makeup artist Dick Page mentions Japanese Q-Tips as being a staple of his kit.

28. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler – £20 . . . I couldn’t leave this list without giving these beauties a mention, they’re a classic and a beauty product that lives up to all the hype. Best-selling and award-winning, Shu Uemura curlers are known in the beauty world as pretty much the only eyelash curler we trust to deliver the perfect curl. Precise design ensures the perfect amount of pressure is applied to eyelashes, and the curved angle suits all eye shapes, so no scary pinching of the delicate eye area.

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And there we have it. May you long enjoy your beautiful glowing skin and your lovely long fluttery lashes guys, I feel a trip to Japan for a re-stock coming on. Sayonara!

Lucy xx
Featured Image by Mark Segal For Vogue Japan

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