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Mert and Marcus | www.MascaraWars.comWell, if I’m going to post about photographers I may as well start with the biggest and the best. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, AKA “Mert and Marcus” were born in the fashion capitals of Turkey and Wales respectively. They met in 1994 and have been collaborating on their hyper-real, Guy Bourdin inspired, colour saturated and powerful editorials and ad campaigns ever since.

Known for spending a huge amount of their time in the hair and makeup rooms creating the looks with the best in the business, M&M have also become pioneers of digital manipulation in their field, and unashamedly so. They do not hide the fact that they love a great deal of post-production work, “It’s very fakey, fakey, fakey,” describes Grace Coddington,”but that’s what it’s supposed to be.”   Both Mert and Marcus take turns with the camera when they work, often snatching it from each other, and creating the perfect balance of campy glamour and ironic cool, in images of sophisticated, compelling women and otherworldly characters.

From the pages of Vogue Italia to campaigns for Versace and album covers for Madonna, Mert and Marcus are the epitome of contemporary fashion photography, and total genius.  Feast your eyes guys!

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Featured Image by Mert and Marcus for US Vogue

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