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I have searched far and wide as a makeup artist to find the best in epic metallic makeup. There’s nothing worse than imagining in your mind’s eye some super high pigmented, foil-like gold finish, and then opening your kit to be greeted by a bunch of shimmery but fairly dull and wishy-washy products that look flat in comparison and just don’t cut it. I suffered that tragic fate long ago (Oh the humanity) and vowed never again. And here I am passing my findings onto you, from super high shine pigments to super satisfying liquid metallic makeup products this is my pick of the best there is. Check out our heavy metal product picks below and shine on my lovelies!

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1. Kryolan Metallic Supracolor – £12.95 . . . You want a giant pot of high pigment smooth as butter liquid metallic greasepaint?  Well look no further.  Old school but super duper high shine, in bronze, copper, gold and silver.

2. MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow – £17 . . . As far as pressed powder shadows go, these are one of the most metallic you’re going to find, and the colour range as always with MAC is super sexy. From greens to blues to gun-metal silvers and purples… and that’s not to mention the duo pots, quads or limited edition versions!  Use wet for the ultimate high shine finish.

3. Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palettes – £38 . . . These are by no means all metallic shadows, but each palette does include at least one super expensive high shine shade.  If you like your seductive, wearable glamour with an opulent edge then Charlotte has you covered.

4. Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshdaow – £27 . . . Such a yummy product to work with, these marbled pressed pigments have a creamy consistency in application, and come in a variety of multifaceted, super reflective shades.  Soooo money.

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5. Illamasqua Liquid Metal Palette – £34 . . . I’ve had a tonne of fun with these over the years, Illamasqua aren’t shy when it comes to colour and texture and these are full whack, fully metallic cream colours, to use as you please. Liquid metal is the perfect description for the blindingly metallic finish on these bad boys.

6. Illamasqua Intense Lip Gloss in Stranger – £16.50 . . . Those shy and retiring Illamasqua folk again with a super concentrated, long-lasting, solid platinum gold lip gloss. Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to the lips with it though.  It’s a gold lip gloss for goodness sake, go mad!

7. Pebeo Deco Gold Flakes – £6.50 . . . Many a makeup artist has faffed and failed with sheets of gold leaf at some point in their career, but no more!  These beauties are what you need. Also available in copper and silver down your local craft store, these pre-torn delicate flakes can be applied over a layer of your favourite mixing medium (or even baby oil, you’ll find what works for you!)… pat on little by little with a brush and never faff or fail again.

8. Mehron Metallic Powder – £6.95 . . . This is the ONE.  It can be used dry, or with regular mixing mediums of course, but the ultimate metallic finish, in my humble opinion, is to take one pot of Mehron metallic powder and mix with three parts baby oil.  That is the secret to that oozing liquid metal and mega high shine Goldfinger style finish we crave! The baby oil concoction remains wet, but if you ever need that dazzling liquid metallic makeup from top to toe, then look no further.

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9. MAC Pigments – £17 . . . Show me a makeup artist without a MAC pigment in their kit and I’ll…. show you someone who needs a new kit.  They’re  classic but with good reason.  Mega high in colour pay off, long-lasting and super blendable, the two-tone Old Gold and Blue Brown shades are stand out favourites, but the metallic texture goes next level with good old Copper Sparkle and the pro shades such as Rose Gold and Platinum.  Mix with Mac’s mixing medium for your own ultra metallic paint.

10. Shu Uemura Metal Ink Me Liquid Liner – £25 . . . Super long-lasting, super colourful and super metallic liquid liner pens, in a range of awesome shades from turquoise to pink and everything in between.

11. Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow – £33.50 . . . Stila aren’t messing about with this range of shadows, they come with their own mixing palette and long-lasting primer, and are designed to be applied wet, with the fingers. With a full range of twelve shades these are just awesome little products, expensive looking and seriously satisfying to use.

12. Lush Liquid Eyeliner in Fantasy – £14.50 . . . When I think Lush I don’t immediately think makeup, but this gold liquid liner is one of the best I’ve ever seen!  It’s that yummy shade of white gold, not too yellow, and even better it’s 100% vegan.  Amen to that.

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Featured Image by Jason Hetherington for Marie Claire

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