Pretty In Pink; Inspiration and Product Picks

I mean… What can I say about the colour pink?! Not too much, without sounding insane, but I must say I’m not sure if any other colour, besides perhaps black, has ever been so iconic… Think Barbie, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O.  Pink makeup is often a bold shade, as cheeky and inherently feminine as it may be. Hopefully the galleries and product picks below will inspire you to have a little fun with that inherently girly palette, from fuchsia to baby pink to a natural rosy blush, these lot really are pretty in pink aren’t they? Aaah.

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1. Barry M Lip Paint in 52 – £4.49 . . . I love a Barry M lipstick, and I’m in good company as I know Lisa Eldridge has a few Barry M favourites.  I once saw her use this hot shocking pink shade to fabulous effect on Paloma Faith and its been a firm favourite ever since.

2. MAC Lipstick in St Germain – £15.50 . . . A quirky modern classic in the MAC range, this came out and a tonne of MAC fans just went instantly nuts for it. It’s a bold shade, described as a “clean pastel pink” and there are very few shades out there like it.  Definitely one worth having in your arsenal!

3. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose – £32.50 . . . A classic Bobbi Product, the shimmer brick is such a pretty highlighter both on its own or over blush… and it doubles up as a delicate eye shade too if you fancy.

4. Topshop Lip Varnish in Field Day – £9 . . . Topshop’s makeup range is a real unsung hero, its colour range and textures are ultra modern, very cool and great quality (we have the awesome Hannah Murray to thank for that). Their lip varnishes remind me of lip tars, but with even more staying power!  This high impact hot pink is super satisfying to use and the colour pay off is phenomenal.

Pink Makeup Picks | Makeup Artist Blog | Mascara Wars5. Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in Pink – £17.50 . . . I like to have a full colour range of pencils in the kit just in case, and a pink eye pencil is hard to find!  Shu Uemura’s has a slight shimmer to it and blends beautifully.  Perhaps not one for your day look but if you can rock it more power to you!

6. MAC Cream Colour Base in Pink Shock – £15.50 . . . Cream Colour Bases are designed to be used anywhere on the face or body, so you want a bright fuchsia pink makeup shade for eyes, lips and cheeks? Well this is the one for you!

7. Sleek Lip 4 Palette in Showgirl – £8.99 . . . Sleek is a great drug store brand when it comes to colour, and their lip shades in particular are high quality and fantastic value.  If you’re building a kit on a budget this palette (and the other six lip palettes in the range) may well be your new best friend.

8. MAC Pigment in Magenta Madness – £17 . . . Great on eyes, amazing pressed on top of lipstick and heck, even awesome for making your own mascara. Neon magenta mascara. OMG.

Pink Makeup Picks | Makeup Artist Blog | Mascara Wars9. NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Baby Pink – £3 . . . Ultra shimmering loose shadow in a super girly soft pink pearl. This high shine pigment can be used as a highlighter as well. Imagine it shining away on the cupid’s bow of your bright pink lip… Cute!

10. Sugarpill False Eyelashes in Sweet Kiss – £5 . . . Because sometimes, you just need a pink false eyelash, you know?

Pink Makeup Picks | Makeup Artist Blog | Mascara Wars

Featured Image by Aitor Santomé for Factice Magazine

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