Tim Walker; Inspiration

Tim Walker is the owner of one of the most instantly recognisable and unique styles in modern fashion photography. And if you aren’t yet up on your fashion photographers, well prepare to meet one of… View Post

iD Magazine; Inspiration

There are few… what am I saying I’m not sure there are any… glossy fashion magazines that began their lives as hand-made fanzines, each lovingly produced on a typewriter. That is of course, except for iD. Gaining… View Post

Alasdair McLellan; Inspiration

No one captures modern British cool like Alasdair McLellan. And no one personifies effortless modern beauty the way Alasdair does. A breath of fresh air in the often try-hard and “fabulous” world of fashion, Alasdair… View Post

Numero Magazine; Inspiration

A sexy little French number, Numero magazine began back in 1998, with Editor-In-Chief Elisabeth Dijan stating, “I was bored with magazines that told me how to seduce a man. I wanted to create this magazine for… View Post